We can issue air tickets on hundreds of airlines as we hold in our own right the very important IATA licence. It is common belief in this day and age of travel being booked on the internet that prices for air tickets are made up by buying one way tickets on every flight being travelled. This is incorrect, prices are often constructed on a mileage basis and therefore it is more cost effective to make sure all of the sectors of the whole itinerary are kept onto one ticket in order to keep the cost down. Buying air tickets seperately also invites other problems as  seperate contacts are made with each airline individually so when facing flight or luggage delays or even trying to check your luggage through to its final destination you will encounter problems.


We can book low cost carriers and have a specific program which advises us which low cost airlines offer flights to and from which destination with the touch of a button.


All this saves you time which in the end will save you money.

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